What is the MerCove?

A safe space for people who are ready to face their past, deal with it and release it to the cleansing currents of the universe. Using nautical metaphors, we dive down to explore the depths to restore balance between the surface and undercurrent. Everyone is a merperson. We all have human and mer-energy. A physical shell surrounds our surface, but flowing in our undercurrent is the energetic being that rides the ebbs and flows of universal waves. Restoring balance frees us to flow authentically through our lives and gives us energy to pursue our dreams. We’ll also attracts others who are ready to dive deeper, rebelling against the surface-dwelling society we have become. The MerCove resides in the underworld. Are you ready to dive deeper with MerMaven Ruby?

What is a MerMaven?

As we previously defined, a mer is an energetic being. A maven is another name for mother. So MerMaven means Energetic Mother.

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Ruby Calypso

Ruby Calypso


Ruby is the quintessential bard. She rides the waves of spirit, using her artistic expression to authentically relate her story to the world. Through song, handcrafting, energetic practice, and her mediumship, she carves out a bay of peace and serenity among the rough waves of life. She seeks the salty warmth of the sun but isn’t afraid to let the shadowy cold depths nip at her toes..


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Happy 2018

Greetings MerMates, Happy New Year, I hope you are finding warm and relaxing currents as we float into the new year. Now that the MerCove has settled into its new new look the focus flows Read more…

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